A program peopled by doubles, alter egos and double agents. the multitude is feverish narrates in the first person the possibility of a multiple body and existence. There Is No Is  is an attempt to get closer by speaking that comes up against the resistance of  the body. Cable Xcess plays with language as a medium surplus that obfuscates the borders between real and virtual bodies. IT'S IN THE GAME '17 questions the representation and exploitation of Black bodies in digital media and musealized memory. please step out of the frame is a performative experiment in telepresence. In Have You Ever Killed a Bear…, a film double explores the ethical limits of identifying with a revolutionary agenda. 

VIKA KIRCHENBAUER, the multitude is feverish, DE 2010, Farbe, digital, 18' (Engl.OF)
KATARINA ZDJELAR, There Is No Is, NL 2006, Farbe, digital, 2' (Engl.OF)                         
KRISTIN LUCAS, Cable Xcess, US 1996, Farbe, digital, 5' (Engl. OF)
SONDRA PERRY, It's In The Game '17, US 2018, Farbe, digital, 16'30'' (Engl. OF)
KARISSA HAHN, please step out of the frame., US 2018, s/w, digital, 4' (o.D.)                   
MARWA ARSANIOS, Have You Ever Killed A Bear?, Or Becoming Jamila, LB 2014, digital, 25' (Arab. OF, Engl. UT)