Segunda Vez [Second Time Around]

Dora García

Belgium, Norway 2017 | 94 min.

Segunda Vez [Second Time Around]

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Segunda Vez [Second Time Around]

Segunda Vez revolves around the figure of the Argentine psychoanalyst Oscar Masotta, whose thoughts and artistic practice had a lastingimpact on the cultural life of his country in the 1960s, until the Perón dictatorship forced him to go into exile.Garcí arestages several of his happenings as well as texts by his contemporaryJulio Cortázar, thus prolonging them into our present time.An emphatic filmic engagement with the power of the gaze and the subjection to observation and suspicion that leaves no secure place for us viewers either.

*Unfortunately, for legal reasons, this film is not available in the USA.

©Segunda Vez by Dora García, 2018 / Courtesy of Auguste Orts
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